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Circus Arts Consultant

Initiative. Expertise. Passion.

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About Me

Professional Consulting for the Circus Arts

I’ve been a professional circus producer and advocate for over 30 years, with a track record in establishing sustainable companies and initiating innovative projects. I believe in creating partnerships with a purpose, finding the true core of what you do, and working with you to support your vision. When you work with me, you can expect collaboration with transparency, consistency, expertise, and passion. Contact me today for more information, or to discuss how I can assist you with your grant writing or help you develop your new initiative.


"I found Antonella to be passionate and committed."

"Antonella is able to ingeniously shape a high level concept into an engaging and convincing project, which can not only meet a variety of funding criteria, but which can shape the future of an artform and a company."

"Antonella's initiative led to a new, experimental circus festival which supported us to create our first work as an ensemble, and to take the kinds of artistic risks that are not usually possible."

"We contacted Antonella for advice on our first grant application. She helped us understand the process, and she worked with us to shape a more competitive application."


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Main Image - Circus:the Balance by Hulki Okan Tabak

New Initiative Image: Party Ghost, Sidesault-at-the-Melba, photo by Rob Blackburn


Antonella Casella, Circus Arts Consultant